Configure Bastion

Bastion stores some configurations and credentials in its settings directory. It refers to it before booting up and if you have not set it up yet or made some mistakes, Bastion will not be able to start. So, this is a very important step.

There are two important files that needs to be inside the settings directory:

  • configurations.yaml

  • credentials.yaml

Make sure those files are present before you start Bastion. If they are not present in there, don't worry, you will find two other files named configurations.example.yaml and credentials.example.yaml. Make a copy of both these files and remove the .example part from the copies. Now, you should have these files inside the settings directory:

  • configurations.yaml

  • configurations.example.yaml

  • credentials.yaml

  • credentials.example.yaml

Now, open and edit the configurations.yaml and credentials.yaml files to add (or edit) the configurations and credentials of Bastion, respectively. And after you do that, save the files.

Additional steps

This step is only necessary if you are hosting Bastion on Heroku.

Now you need to copy these files to Heroku (and whenever you make any changes to them). Run the following commands to push these files to Heroku:

git add -f settings/configurations.yaml settings/credentials.yaml
git commit -m "Initial Bastion Configuration"
git push heroku stable:master