Install on Glitch

Initial Setup

  • Go to Glitch

  • And then Sign in.

  • After you're logged in, click on the New Project button (at the top right corner) in Glitch.

  • Then click on Clone from Git Repo button at the bottom of the popup menu.

  • A prompt window will pop up with a text field, copy and paste the following URL in there and press OK.
  • Click on the Tools button at the bottom left corner and then click on the Logs button.

  • Once the Log window opens up, click on the Console button at the top of the Log window.

  • Type the follow command in the Console and press Return/Enter:

git checkout stable
  • Make your Glitch project private before doing anything else so that your credentials are safe from others. If you’re not able to do this, ask around in Bastion HQ and some amazing people will help you out.

  • Bastion will now be imported to Glitch in a few seconds.

  • Now you can follow the configurations guide (see the sidebar) to configure Bastion and you're good to go. Once you configure it correctly, it'll automatically start.